The Best Way To Hire Sydney Escorts For Guided City Tours

Travelling anywhere can be a stressful enough situation, especially if you are travelling with family or friends. Making sure you have everything packed, making sure they have everything packed, trying to get to the airport, actually making the trip to your destination without losing your mind. The last thing you want to have to think about is how to get around and figure out what the best sights to see are. That is where an escort would come in. Being natives to the area, they can show you the best places to see that many tourists may overlook.

Why You Should Hire a Sydney Escort


When you are in a foreign environment it can feel a bit overwhelming and lonely if you aren’t travelling with friends so what better way to get the most out of a beautiful city like Sydney then to hire an escort to show you the lay of the land. A knowledgeable escort can give you guided city tours that focus on popular sightseeing spots as well as little known places that are off the beaten path. They know the best time of day to visit certain places and avoid traffic and which areas are best to avoid all together.

Sydney escorts also offer you the ability to customize your itinerary to fit your own schedule and suit your specific interests while giving you information and insight into interesting stories about the area that will make your visit much more meaningful.

The Number 1 Way to Hire a Sydney Escort

In a city as diverse and full of culture as Sydney there will always be new sights and features for tourists to see whether you are there for business or vacation purposes. Sydney escorts can give you guided tours to the best destinations around Sydney and are very easy to hire. The best way to hire a Sydney escort to give you a tour is by planning ahead and looking online for escorts offering their services. By planning ahead you can check out any online reviews there may be for the company so you will know what to expect.

Many people think hiring an escort to take them on guided tours means having a complete stranger rattle off random facts that they know about the area but this is not always the case. A good escort will make their tour both fun and interactive and it could end up being one of the highlights of your entire trip.

What to See in Sydney

There are few things better than a great vacation, especially when you are spending it in Sydney, Australia. Rated as one of the world’s best cities, Sydney provides visitors with a wealth of things to do and see. Rather than brose through dozens of travel magazines, the search has been made much easier for you. Below is an overview of what to see in Sydney in terms of attractions, restaurants, and tourist hotspots. These places are what will make your vacation memorable and worthwhile.

Sydney Skywalk Tower

Every vacation needs to have something magical. The Sydney Skywalk Tower is a 360 degree walkway that is around the turret of Sydney Tower. Sydney Tower overlooks the entire city and even allows users to view the city beneath a glass platform. It is the city’s highest viewing experience. While this experience may seem to be thrilling, it is actually one of the most serene and relaxing things that you can do, which makes it highly recommended for those that are looking to see a majestic view in either the evening or at sunrise.

Circular Quay


For those that love wandering around cities and getting lost in a city’s vibrant culture and atmosphere, then Circular Quay is a must see. Circular Quay is a harbor that sits at the northern edge of Sydney central business district. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its parks, malls, restaurants, walkways, and historical significance.

Bondi Beach

Every good vacation spot has a beach, and Sydney is no exception. Bondi Beach is extremely close to Circular Quay, which makes your travel plans easy and convenient. The beach is famous for its recreational activities and beautiful aesthetic qualities. Throughout the year, tourists are able to take surfing lessons or play beach volleyball. The beach also hosts a film festival and an event known as Sculpture by the Sea.

Sydney Festival

There is no better time of year to visit Sydney than January. In January, the city is brimming with life and activities. One of the most popular yearly activities is the Sydney Festival. The festival provides visitors with spectacles of music, international bands, circuses, and even indigenous art shows. This culture event is one that no one should miss.

Regardless of which destination you choose to visit while in Sydney, it is guaranteed that your experience will be thrilling and enjoyable. There are few cities in the world as beautiful and as magical as Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Tourism is Big Business

The city of Sydney is one of the most popular locations to visit while touring Australia. It is home to familiar sites such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Islands, and several beautiful sandy beaches that are ideal for relaxing or surfing. For Australia, Sydney’s annual tourism provides a great benefit to the country’s economy. The businesses in the city gain a large amount of their profits from tourists who visit Australia all throughout the year. While it may not be the capital city, Sydney is definitely one of the most popular locations in the country for tourists to visit because it has so much to offer travelers of all ages.

Things to do in Sydney Australia

There are many attractions in Sydney for visitors of all ages to enjoy. If you are planning a family trip, you will be able to find something new and exciting for your children to experience. Some of the top places to visit in Sydney include the Taronga Zoo, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, and the Australian National Maritime Museum. These Sydney highlights are favorites for tourists both young and old and offer many activities for you and your family to take part in. You have the opportunity to learn about the native animals of Australia and view hundreds of amazing sea creatures.

Food and Wine Top the List for Sydney Tourism Highlights

If you are planning a romantic getaway to Sydney, you and your significant other will want to check out the food and wine destinations during your stay. Treat yourself to some of the very best in fine dining when you visit the top rated restaurants, pubs and cafes in the city of Sydney. You can also sample fine wine at many of these establishments, as well as the local bars. If you love to experience the culture and lifestyle of the location that you visit while traveling, then you will be happy to learn that there are many restaurants in the city that serve fresh seafood and authentic Sydney gourmet meals.

Visiting the local businesses, restaurants and attractions in Sydney while staying in Australia will help you to make the most of your trip while also enhancing the economy of this magical city. To learn more about Sydney tourism highlights, you may want to consider hiring a tour guide so that you will not miss out on the most popular attractions in the area.

Sydney Accommodations: A Wide Variety to Choose From

When taking a trip to Sydney, Australia’s most beautiful city one of the biggest concerns that tourists run into is finding a place to stay. There are a wide variety of choices to choose from that can fit your every need, whatever it may be. Here a few of the choices you have when picking your Sydney accommodations.

Share a Room in a Hostel

If you like to backpack all around the world and don’t need much as far as accommodations you can find a clean and affordable place to stay whether you need to crash for one night, a few nights or even a month in a hostel. There are tons of them all over Sydney that are great for those on a low budget.

Relax in splendor at a Resort


If you like to be pampered and taken care of then a resort is the perfect place for you. Many Sydney resorts offer a range of packages you can choose from for the experience you want to have. You can choose from things like a spa experience, an outdoor retreat experience, a spiritual experience doing things like yoga and meditation, and much more. This type of accommodation is for those who are not concerned with expenses and don’t really have a budget they have to stick to.

Interact with your Neighbors at a Bed & Breakfast

You can find many affordable bed and breakfast accommodations in Sydney, mainly in the suburb areas like Balmain and Newtown. Famous for its beaches and nightlife many of the bed and breakfast-style accommodations offer rooms that are right on the beach. If you are interested in fully immersing yourself in the Sydney lifestyle and want to meet other tourists then a bed and breakfast is the perfect option when choosing your Sydney accommodations.

Take Care of Yourself with a Self-Contained Apartment

If you like to stay in a more “homey” place then a self-contained apartment is a good option for you. Many of these types of apartments are located within the inner city suburbs and the city centre making them close to the best shopping areas and major attractions the city has to offer. Many tourists who choose self-contained apartments to stay in are young couples or travellers who like the option of being able to cater to themselves and have access to their room with little hassle.

Australia has a wide range of Sydney accommodations to choose from that will suit all budget types and needs. You can choose to stay at one of the low-cost options, a hostel, the more expensive resort option, experience the friendly option of a bed & breakfast, and the do-it-yourself option of a self-contained apartment.


The Ideal Sydney Itinerary For Tourists

When planning a trip to Sydney many tourists find out that there is an overwhelming amount of things you can do and that’s no surprise since Sydney is Australia’s largest city. Coming up with the perfect itinerary to make sure you get the most out of your experience without wasting precious time and money can be an extreme task that many would rather avoid. If you are planning a trip to Sydney and want to see the best of the best but just don’t know how to schedule it out then here is an awesome model Sydney itinerary that you can follow.

The goal of an itinerary for first-time visitors is to combine activities in a way that appeals to all senses. You should pick places to go to that will stimulate you visually like museums, as well as places that will let you be interactive like nightclubs or lounges.

Sydney in 3 Days


Day 1: Experience the awesome 90-minute guided tour of the city on the Sydney Hop On Hop Off Tour. You can stay on board for the entire tour or get off wherever you like to explore the area further. You can end your tour with a bang by visiting the Sydney Tower, the highest point in the city that will give you a 360 degree view of Sydney.

Day 2: Get onto the Sydney Harbour Sightseeing Cruise and soak in some impressive views of the city like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world.

Day 3: Take a tour of the nearby Blue Mountains where you can observe all the native animals of Sydney.

Sydney in 5 Days

If you are visiting Sydney for 5 Days your itinerary will be just like a 3 day Sydney tour with a few additions.

Day 4: Visit the popular Bondi and Sydney Beach. Having been used as the backdrop for lots of tv shows and movies, they are the perfect way for you and the family to spend some time soaking up the rays and observing the diverse culture Sydney has.

Day 5: Spend your final day observing Sydney wildlife with a visit to the Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney.

With its sparkling harbor, amazing dining options, breathtaking views, and lively nightlife there is no shortage of things that you can do when visiting Sydney. So if you’re planning on visiting Sydney but don’t have an idea of where you should go we’ve got you covered. Just pick the Sydney itinerary that appeals to you most and get out there and experience Sydney.

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